Some Easy tips to convince parents for love marriage and How to Tell parents about your love

Some Easy tips to convince parents for love marriage and How to Tell parents about your love

  1. We should find the correct moment for talk to our family: - We should talk about this topic when parent’s mood is good. When acceptance probity is more. Along with it, when they do not have tension and they do not irritate. We should talk about this topic when all family do not together because if you will talk with your all family. It can be anyone oppose your decision.
  2. We should try to explain to our parents that why we love our partner: - We should tell our parents about our partner. We should tell our parents his business. We should tell about his income and his family background because owing to this they can easily convince for your marriage. Furthermore, we should tell about his education and his relation circle such as with friend and other families. We should talk about his nature, behaviour and kindness because it can be helpful in your decision.
  3. We should search an inter cast marriage in our family which was successful: - we should tell our parents such as a inter cast marriage which was successful in our relation. Along with it, we should discuss about a good inter cast marriage whose future is going on excellent. That marriage should be in different cast because owing to this your family decision will be gone in your favour.
  4. Try to keep your parents away from relatives or masses who against the inter cast marriage: - We should keep away from this kind of relative whose do not believe in inter cast marriage. Along with it, it can be. We should keep in our favour because they do not create any problem in our personal life.we also can take support from Astrological method to solve inter caste marriage also.
  5. Gain support: - You should take supporter for your inter cast marriage when you talk about this marriage because it can be not in your favour.

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