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How to control husband mind

Every wife wants that she must have her full control over her husband as whenever becomes any need to make fulfill the wish of their  wife could give command and also there wife should be everything for the husbands. But where does all this will become possible for how to control husband mind? Then I would advise you that you can make the use of black magic as the devil powers of it help you to make your husband in remain your control but how to control husband by black magic? for this we have provided Best Vashikaran tips to control husband in Hindi that can instantly provide you the solution to make your husband remain in your control but also we will provide you how to control husband mind mantra that are so dominant that I will made your husband in full control just only after chanting one mantra and you will be able to control husband without him knowing. Astrological tips to control husband have never been fail as for whatever the reason does it has used it always has been proven successful according to the expectation.

How to control husband without him knowing by astrological tips- how to control husband mind in hindi?

Burst on cloves 21 times,

In order to disguise your husband, you take seven cloves on the midnight of Saturday, and after taking them into your hands give a round for 21 times with taking the name of your husband and blow on the cloves from mouth,  and burn it on the right day. In this way you can husband without him knowing. Staying to use this gives you good results in two to three weeks.

From The other astrological tips to control husband it is an effective tip to control husband mind:

To keep you in touch with your husband and to control husband mind in hindi, you should take a bath in the bella on Sunday, on the Teesini on the Shukla side. After this visit to the place of worship Make a swastik of saffron in the plate of puja and wash the pearl conch with gangaajal in it. Now worship it with sulfur, flower and teller etc. It is necessary to burn the cow’s ghee lamp at the time of worship.

After this, the chanting of this mantra was called as

Mantra in english:       ‘Vashmaniya Swaha’


Mantra in hindi:         ‘वश्मानिया स्वाहा’

in the desired condition. You will continue to chant every day for one consecutive month and you will get success.We can provide you more of this type of best vashikaran tips to control husband in hindi that can also be use in terms of to maintain your full control over your husband and to make other things work according to your choice and according to your desire as it will be one of the effective method to have your full control over your husband so, do not delay enough to take the advice of our astrologer.


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